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Lawn Care

Lawn TreatmentPart of the beauty of the Florida lifestyle is enjoying a lush lawn and attractive landscape. You need a professional partner to keep things green and growing. That's where AARON Lawn Care can help you.

At AARON, we create an individual lawn treatment plan for your yard, your ornamental plants, even your pasture. Our Lawn Care division offers the latest, most effective combination of materials and service to keep the outside of your home as beautiful as the inside.

Our technicians understand the extremes of heat, drought and freezes that your lawn might experience in one year in Florida. They are also thoroughly trained to spot the potential for damaging insects such as chinch bugs and mole crickets that can decimate a lawn in just a few weeks. They apply the right lawn treatments for whatever problems you may encounter.

At AARON, we treat you the way you want...professionally but with a hometown touch. And we stand by our customized programs. Call AARON today at any of our convenient locations to get the best lawn, shrub and pasture programs in the industry.


Shrub Care

  • For 50 years, we've worked to keep Central Florida lawns and landscapes green and growing. We've got the experience and track record to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Our lawn treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. We're the experts in tall trees, shady shrubs and lush lawns. No job is too big or too small.
  • Training and experience are what make our technicians the best in the business. They are state certified to take care of your yard, and many have been on staff for years.
  • Our scheduling department makes sure that your needs are met on-time, all year long. You'll know the cost up-front with no surprises.
  • AARON stands by each and every service. Our commitment is to your full satisfaction.


  • Be sure and mow your lawn on the highest setting. The more leaf blade that is left exposed to the sunlight, the better the plant will grow. Try to avoid removing more than one third of the grass blade at one mowing.
  • Use a sharp mower blade. On an average lawn (approx. 6,000 sq. ft.) it should be sharpened every fourth cut. This will help to prevent disease and will also bring out the green color of the turf.
  • Grass clippings can be left on the lawn if mowed at the proper height and frequency. Under these conditions, clippings do not contribute to the thatch layer. We suggest you leave the clippings down for two mowings after our applications. This helps to return nutrients that are in the leaf blade and also nutrients that occur from decomposition.

By following these suggestions, you will not only enhance the looks of your lawn, but will be getting a greater return on your investment.