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Shrubs & Trees

With Aaron as your service provider for your shrub care and tree care, your landscape will soon become the envy of your neighborhood. Aaron technicians are specifically trained in the identification and maintenance of Florida’s unique landscape conditions.

Our Programs Offered:

Insect control which shall consist of a product specifically designed for piercing, sucking, and chewing insects that occur in the Florida landscape.

Disease control with a broad spectrum fungicide applied for the suppression of foliar and root disease.

Granular fertilizer is a palm and ornamental mix consisting of a balanced package of nutrients that includes both major and minor elements. The nitrogen is in a 50% slow release form for prolonged feeding.

The above programs will be incorporated into a custom program specifically to meet the needs of your valuable landscape. These programs can consist of one, two, or three applications or for year round protection and the envy of your neighborhood.

Please inquire about our premier shrub and tree care service program.