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Termite Inspections & Treatment

Termites do nearly a billion dollars in damage each year in Florida. Yes, that's $1,000,000,000. Considering your home might well be your largest investment, you want to take all appropriate measures to protect it. That's why AARON is the first name in termite control in Central Florida. That's why you need to call AARON to protect your home and investment.

AARON pest professionals use the latest methods and state-of-the art materials to effectively protect your home. Their extensive training and on-going education keeps them informed of the newest treatments and the best solutions for termite infestations.
Termite Inspection
Many homeowners fail to realize that their homeowner's insurance does not cover termite damage. That means any damage done to homes by these destructive pests must be paid for by the owner unless their home is covered by a termite warranty like AARON offers. AARON's warranty and AARON's guarantee simply give you peace of mind as far as termites go.

We value our customer and are in the termite protection business for the long-run, just as our nearly 50 years of service to the community proves. Select a termite company with a proven track record.

How to Recognize Termites

Subterranean termites live underground or in protected areas such as wood. There is always at least one queen and many more reproductive may also be present. Most people never see a queen, but may have seen swarmers or workers. The total number of individuals in a colony of subterranean termites may be more than a million. Imagine a million insects, which are blind and are very sensitive to heat, cold, and dry air. This sensitivity is why they build shelter tubes or "mud tubes." In fact, they need to maintain an atmosphere of nearly 100% humidity. Sometimes finding shelter tubes, a little smaller diameter than a pencil, is the first sign of a termite infestation. Workers are just that... the workers of the colony. They find new food sources (vegetation or wood containing cellulose). Upon finding a food source, the termites put down a chemical signal pr pheromone to lead the other workers to the feeding site.

Termites do not "attack" your house or building. They forage, attracted by moist areas, and find food sources. Termites do a very good job of breaking down cellulose in the soil. When they discover your house or other buildings, they become a real pest and that is where the professional pest control company comes in. In the spring in most areas of the country. and depending on the species, healthy subterranean termite colonies will "swarm" or send out winged reproductive's to start new colonies. The swarmers are darker in color, some species almost black, and have four wings. One frequent question is how to tell termites from ants. Ants generally do not swarm the same time as termites but it can happen. The following is a description of how to tell termites from ants.

swarm at a very limited time of the year.
swarm throughout the year depending on species.
the body is about 3/8" in most species.
body size will vary in size depending on the species
four wings of equal size.
four wings; two smaller and two larger
straight waist.
pinched waist.
straight antennae.
elbowed antennae.
clumsy fliers
good fliers
Termites Picture

Treatment Types for Subterranean Termites


Currently there are three types of treatments available for use by the professional: soil treatments, wood treatments, and baits.

Soil treatments are liquid termiticide's diluted with water to ensure adequate coverage in the soil. Injection of this system in the soil creates a treated area that repels or reduced the population of the termites and envelopes your house with a long - term protection. This is the most commonly used system and may be used in combination with baits and/or wood treatments.

Wood treatments involve treating infested wood or potentially infested wood with liquids such as a traditional treatment or borate materials. This treatment type protects the wood form infestation and reduces or eliminates the infestation in the wood at the time of treatment.

Baits are relatively new and involves installing bait stations in the ground. Termites then eat the bait and carry the active ingredient throughout the colony or area, thus reducing foraging reduces the population of the colony in the structure. Baits are very popular since there is no interior drilling and they generally are less bother for the homeowner or building occupants.

Call us today to discuss what treatment we offer and we'll be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


  • Our termite protection warranty is second to none. We stand behind our treatments and will go the extra step to protect your home. Remember that your homeowner's insurance does not cover termite damage. Our warranty will.
  • AARON has been serving Volusia and surrounding counties for over 50 years. No one has the wealth of experience or esteemed reputation that our customers have given us.
  • Our termite technicians have decades of experience in protecting homes. Their continuing education and use of state-of-the-art materials is your best bet in the war against termites.
  • Whether treating the foundation prior to a home being built, or once a home is infested, you can count on AARON Pest Control. Our treatments are done on-time and in-budget.
  • We stand by our service and our commitment to you. We provide professional service with a hometown touch.