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If you need pest control services in the Ormond Beach, FL area, look no further than Aaron Pest Control. We've provided pest control for homeowners in Central Florida for nearly 6 decades, so you can have confidence in our expertise. We offer a variety of household treatments, so no matter what services you need, Aaron Pest Control has the solution. Call us today to find out more!

Termite Control That Works

Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it only makes sense to protect it from unwanted intruders. Termites are wood-destroying organisms that can cause extensive damage to your home. And what many homeowners may not realize is that their insurance policy doesn't cover damage caused by termites. Aaron Pest Control offers a termite warranty, which means we'll help you easily solve for those pesky creatures. Call today!

Professional Mosquito Control

There are few pests more menacing than mosquitos. Known to be carriers for disease, these warm-climate creatures pose a threat to family and pets in the Central Florida region. That's why Aaron Pest Control will inspect your property thoroughly, looking for any mosquito resting and breeding sites, to cut them off at the source. Our technicians are trained in mosquito treatment and control, so you can take back your yard and enjoy it worry-free. Schedule your appointment today!

Fly Treatment

Nothing is more annoying than having to deal with flies, especially when you do not know where they are coming in from. The most commons kinds in a household are drain and fruit flies which is why you need our exclusive treatment. Our Ormond Beach, FL site specializes in dealing with fruit flies and drain flies because we know how sneaky these pests can be. Fruit flies sneak into your house often through your fruits and vegetables and can lay their eggs in your foods as well as your drainage pipes. Don’t be blind sided by the colonies that develop in your home. Call now and get our drain and fruit fly treatment today so that a small problem cannot develop into a larger one.

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