Comprehensive Pest Control in Tavrares, FL

Aaron Pest Control has been providing Tavares, FL, and surrounding areas with quality lawn care and pest control solutions for decades. We make sure our services meet your needs at every level. Our technicians know what they're doing and how to get rid of your home's pests!

Termite Control You Can Trust

Nearly a billion dollars in damage is done to home in Florida every year by termites and WDO (wood-destroying organisms). At Aaron Pest Control, we guarantee your home will be termite-free. Don't take any risks when it comes to protecting your home.

Professional Mosquito Control

Aaron Pest Control offers mosquito suppression services that will drastically reduce the population of adults and their ability to repopulate. Our treatment targets breeding locations and places where mosquitos rest during the day(under the leaves of shrubs and bushes). Find out what makes us to top rated mosquito control company in Tavares, FL today!

Fly Treatment

Make sure that there aren’t colonies of flies growing under your nose with our exclusive drain and fruit fly treatments! Both lay their eggs inside of places you wouldn’t expect or notice unless you know just where to look. Drain and fruit flies live off of the water which are in your pipes and lay their eggs there where you wouldn’t notice. Fruit flies as well can come in on your fruits and veggies and will lay their eggs inside your fridge. Call Aaron Pest Control in Tavares, FL to find out if your home is in need of our fly treatment plan.

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