Since 1963, we have been providing prompt and reliable pest control services. We understand when you see any pests in your home you want them out & fast! At Aaron Pest Control we are the areas professional provider in pest control treatments. Once ants have located a food source in your home, the race begins between ants trying to reach the food source and you trying to keep them out! We will inspect your home and outdoor property to determine what is attracting ants to your home and provide a solution to remove them! We will use perimeter treatments, and interior treatments. In addition, we may add interior baits to capture and remove them permanently.

Fire Ants

Our local weather makes for the perfect conditions for fire ants to thrive since they prefer warmer climates. Fire ants can be hard to control as they can live in many types of soil and can find their way to your property from a neighbor. Fire ants can be very dangerous. If you are stung by a fire ant, it can be very painful and if you are allergic, it could be fatal. Don’t take any chances for your family or pets when it comes to fire ants! Our highly skilled pest control technicians will provide treatments that will keep theses dangerous pests off your property and keep you safe!

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From sales to service the folks at Aaron have been top notch! They have gone above and beyond to ensure that I have been happy!— Valerie P.
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