Treatment Methods

Currently, there are three types of treatments available including soil treatment, wood treatment, and baits.

Soil treatments are liquid termiticides diluted with water to ensure adequate coverage in the soil. Injection of this system in the soil creates a treated area that repels or reduces the population of the termites and envelopes your home with a long-term protection. This is the most commonly used system and may be used in combination with baits and/or wood treatments.

Wood treatments involve treating infested wood or potentially infested wood with liquids such as a traditional treatment or borate materials. This treatment type protects the wood from infestation and reduces or eliminates the infestation in the wood at the time of treatment.

Baits are relatively new, and they involve installing bait stations in the ground. Termites then eat the bait and carry the active ingredient throughout the colony or area, thus reducing the population of the colony in the structure. Baits are very popular, since there is no interior drilling and they generally are hassle free for the homeowner.

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